Saturday, October 01, 2016

FET #3 Transfer of 3 blasts - 4BB x2 and 3BB x1

After taking a 3 months break, I was ready for another FET. Let's use up the remaining 3 blasts. Well at this time, I wasn't too optimistic already. I was given estrade (Estradiol) pills to prepare my endometrial lining. Once the lining was 1 cm, I was prescribed crinone two times a day as well as Duphaston (progesterone pills) to be taken 3 pills per night. This made my head really dizzy so I had to take it right before bedtime.

The funny thing with this transfer was that I was asked to go in at 3:00 pm however I got a call at 1ish pm from the lab asking me why I wasn't there already. I told them I was on my way already and they said all the other patients were already there waiting for the transfer. Anyway I reached the lab at 2ish and when it was time for my transfer, the doctor exclaimed that my bladder wasn't full enough and I got sent back to the waiting room! :( I then took two big cups of water and waited for 30 mins, by which time all the other patients were done with their transfers. I got sent to the ET room again (as the last patient) by which time my bladder felt like it would burst! The transfer was quick however after I got up and wiped, there was so much blood on the tissue paper! Never did I experience bleeding from ET. I was anxious and went and spoke to the lab personnel at the reception and they said this was most likely because the cervix was scraped a bit from the transfer. Left me wondering if the doctor wasn't too happy about my not very full bladder earlier.

Long story short - I started bleeding at 7 days post transfer (7DPT). Called the lab and they wouldn't give me any answers and asked me to call the doctor. I called the doctor and got to speak to the nurse. She instructed me to just keep on using Crinone and taking my progesterone oral pills until day of beta hcg test. I was practically bed ridden, the bleeding had gotten heavier. I decided to go for the beta at 12 DPT instead of 14 DPT. As you can guess, it was a bfn. I inquired (again with the associate doctor) why I bled at 7 DPT and if it was because of insufficient progesterone supplementation. He said it happens sometimes as they body knows best when to shed the lining especially when it gets too plump/thick and there is no implantation/pregnancy. He asked me if I wanted to wait and consult with Dr. Hwu which I didn't see a point so I declined and walked out of the clinic and later cried my eyes out.


  1. This post made me sad. Don't give up! Will keep on praying for you! God's timing is perfect.

  2. Hugs , never give up !

  3. After reading this post, I closed my eyes, held my hands close to my heart and said a prayer for you, and for those who are weakened by this this heartache caused by infertility... I prayed for "Strength", that you may be blessed with the strenght that you need, physical, emotional and spiritual... that we may all be reminded that we already have the strenght that we need, we just needed to be reminded to use it, esp. on those times when we are so heartbroken, and seemed like pain will overcome our life... But no! we are strong, we are blessed with physical, emotional and spiritual strength, and that we should utilized this to overcome this bump on the road.

    I too, had a transfer last Sept. 2016, but our baby didn't developed, according to my 4th week US, no yolksac, no fetal pole, though HCG, LH, Progest. levels are highly ideal levels... by this time, I am still trying to overcome the pain... and I too, needed to be reminded everyday that I have the physical, emotional and spiritual strength, I just need use it!

    Please be strong... we all need to be strong! *hugs*

  4. Don't be dishearted. As I am also going for a short trip to destress from my 1st u successful IVF. God bless u! -Amen

  5. Hi Nio! Hope you are feeling better. May I suggest that you consider PGS for your next cycle? It's just something that I think helped me a lot during my last IVF. Saved me a lot of heartbreak.